The Donation Process

It is important to us that we are fully transparent about our operations to ensure that we establish trust with our donors. Starting an international charity is not easy, but we are working hard to ensure that we work within the confines of the law in each of our locations, whilst at the same time achieving our goals with pace and vigour. We assure all our supporters that 100% of profits generated from donations and the sales of our merchandise goes towards Daughters of the Deep initiatives. If you have any concerns please contact our team, we are very friendly.

Daughters of the Deep Ltd is registered as a charity with the Australian Charities and Not for-Profits Commission (ACNC). All physical donations in Australian dollars will be administered under the ABN 46652600783. All of the funds acquired will be applied to our worldwide charitable initiatives or passed to our partnered NGOs/Non-profits to achieve our goals. For full transparency, our financial tax submissions shall be made available to anyone who wishes to validate of our charity status. For further information on the charity, including the address for service, details of responsible persons (for example company directors) and financial reports, search the Charities register at

All online donations to Daughter of the Deep will be taken in AUS$ via the giving platform MyCause where dedicated campaigns have been created.

For any physical donations in euros (€), monies will be processed by Daughters of the Deep Europe, officially known as Asociación Daughters of the Deep EU, a registered Non For Profit in Spain 624431

For any physical donations in pounds (£), monies will be processed by Daughters of the Deep UK, officially known as Daughters of the Deep C.I.C., a registered Community Interest Company 14273985,

Any business conducted in the United States is in association with the Conservation Diver Foundation 501(c)(3) EIN 82-2987996

Any other business in other country will be conducted through our partner organisations through which we will channel our funds and formulate our initiatives.

We will do our best to keep donations and fundraising monies in the currencies they were gifted. However, in some circumstances we will need to exchange them to other currencies which will cause some administrative fee

Make a difference today and help the Daughters of the Deep achieve its mission.

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