Marine Science Career Development

In conjunction with ATMEC were are funding research and conservation internships for female thai citizens who have a passion for marine science and conservation. Our Daughters will be fully funded at the Aow Thai Marine Ecology center to grow and develop their own skills and be given a support network to help them through their career planning. They will also trained at Conservation Diver instructors, giving them greater employment possibilities and to inspire them to start similar conservation programs around Thailand.

Meet our first scholarship recipient for the upcoming 2022/23 ATMEC – Aow Thai Marine Ecology Center season! Taweeka Leamlertwong will be developing her skills and training in the fields of marine science and conservation for 9 months and will be supported with future career development opportunities to facilitate the goal of increased representation of women in STEM fields.

The aim of this program is to encourage greater representation of women in STEM fields and marine conservation as well as supporting and growing the pool of high-quality women exploring careers in marine science and conservation in Thailand. Our Daughters will carry out in-depth research projects on coral biodiversity, recruitment and restoration.

After completing the internships, alongside the team at ATMEC, we will assist our Daughters to find employment and/or pursue further academic study, so they have a complete support network to help them achieve that scientific goals.

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