All our merchandise is made by our partners at Teemill who produce vegan, earth conscious and GOTS certified clothing.

All our clothes are produced with organic cotton that is quenched with monsoon rain waters. Waste seeds in the processing stage are pressed and sold as cow feed and vegetable oil is squeezed out to create a local food source.

Every part of the plant is used. The cotton farmers get a guaranteed, fair price for their cotton and get a higher price when the quality is best. About 95% of the waste water during the dying phase is recovered, cleaned and filtered using reverse osmosis. The manufacturing plant is powered using renewable energy and all packaging is plastic free. When our clothes are worn out you can send them back to be remade again and again in order to create a circular economy.

We believe in responsible clothing and we hope you like our style!

Make a difference today and help the Daughters of the Deep achieve its mission.

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