Friends of DOTD

Our friends here at Daughters of the Deep have dedicated their time and resources to helping us with our cause. We would like to thank them unreservedly for their support. Without great organisations like these the work we do would not be possible.

Conservation Diver

For some of the founders of DOTD, this non-profit was the inspiration and driving force behind their careers in marine conservation. Founder Chad Scott and his team establish marine conservation and research centres in various locations around the globe where such efforts are currently lacking or have proven unsuccessful.

They have published more than 15 courses in marine monitoring, research, and protection. These courses have already trained thousands of students and local community members

Through their network of scientists, conservationists, and photographers, Conservation Diver hopes to create a nexus that will empower local communities to take the sustainability of their enthronement, economy, and culture into their own hands.

Madagascar Research & Conservation Institute

MRCI assists and contributes to sustainable research and conservation projects that engage with local communities to help them improve their health and educational circumstances. MRCI are vital to the execution our initiatives in Madagascar and should be fully credited with our ability to achieve our goals within the region. The team work directly with the community to find the most effective ways to deliver our goals and provide further support by making dive training, english lessons and environmental education available free to our daughters. We cannot thank them enough for their work.

Madagascar Film & Photography

MFP was founded by Chris Scarffe and provides DOTD with high quality imagery and photographs of our initiative in Madagascar to help us capture the amazing impact your donations can make.


PADI is supporting Daughters of the Deep by providing free educational materials and the processing of Open Water training courses at our partner dive centers. This allows us to, with the support of dive instructors, give free SCUBA training to our daughters, reducing the financial barriers that stop so many from exploring our oceans.

Save the Plastic

Save The Plastic started in 2017 when a few friends decided to become problem lovers! With a passion for the ocean and a deep devotion to marine conservation, they chose to focus their forces and skills on the current environmental issue of plastics. Founder, Yana Grantcharska is great example of what passion and drive can achieve.

New Heaven Reef Conservation Program

NHRCP works with Daughters of the Deep to provide Conservation Diver training to our daughters. Program Director Kirsty Magson in the regional manager for Thailand helping to fundraise and execute our initiatives in the region.

The Reef Institute

The Reef Institute was founded in 2015 by two veterinarians who had a goal of improving ocean health while teaching students to care about their environment. Their mission was one of coral conservation through education, research and restoration. 

Today research and education work in partnership to both grow better stewards of the ocean while taking a distinct action to save our seas. Their staff scientists direct research endeavors to work towards protection and growth of Caribbean coral in the North Florida Reef Tract. Their education department has grown from humble beginnings of reaching a few hundred students primarily through field trips to reaching  almost 9,000 students annually. 

With coral diseases now spread over the entire Florida reef systems, The Reef Institute is part of the collaboration with government agencies, research labs, and public aquariums to mitigate the tragic effects of SCTLD and be ready to rebuild the reefs in the future.  

Aow Thai Marine Ecology Center

Aow Thai Marine Ecology Center (ATMEC) is a marine science focused initiative by Love Wildlife Foundation, aimed at providing education in marine biology and ecology to students of all ages. ATMEC also prioritises conducting original research and conservation projects, in collaboration with the Department of Marine and Coastal Resources (DMCR), in the Gulf of Thailand. The field station is based at Koh Mun Nai, Rayong, throughout most of the calendar year.

Sea Women of Melanesia

The Sea Women of Melanesia is a non-profit in Papua New Guinea lead by indigenous female Directors.

The SWoM program empowers indigenous women in Papua New Guinea and Solomon Islands with the training, skills, equipment, and resources they need to take an active role in helping indigenous communities create and manage marine protected areas on their own coral reefs.

Zu Blu

Zu Blue is a SCUBA holiday booking platform – with a twist. They only promote dive companies which have conservation-minded values, so you know that your holiday is contributing to destinations which do good for the ocean!

The Zu Blu team are helping us to sponser women – by donating 25% of commissions directly towards our work! So, if you have plans to travel green (or perhaps we should say, blue) in the future, be sure to book through them, to help us

PADMA Organization

PADMA organises excursions for high school students to experience new countries and cultures whilst at the same time participating in humanitarian, environmental and education programs. Through these trips PADMA is able to raise funds to support Daughters of the Deep and helps to promote our message to its students so that they take it forward in their lives and help to bring greater equality back home in the United States.

Hero Round Table

The Hero Round Table is a worldwide events organiser, showcasing people speakers of all works of life in order to inspire and instruct people how to do extraordinary things. The community it is creating is dedicated to practicing heroism, making more people believe they have the power to make a change when it matters most.

Black Turtle Dive

Black Turtle Dive is passionate about the ocean, committed to educate locals and divers alike in order to protect and conserve the marine environment in Thailand. They have a philosophy of high quality, personalised training design to empower divers to become more competent and confident.

Niue Blue

Niue Blue has supported Daughters of the Deep to develop and implement an initiative on the island to give young girls the experience and knowledge needed to be leaders in cetacean conservation on their island. Their team and facilities have been pivotal in making this initiative happen. Through their continued support we hope to further expand the work we can do in Niue and the South Pacific.

Oma Tafua

Oma Tafua is a NFO that aims to enforce Niue’s objectives under the Plan of Management for Niue’s Whale Sanctuary, as with other regional programmes such as the SPREP Whale and Dolphin Action Plan. Through DOTD we are working to help them with their goals and support further initiatives in the region.

Dingus vs Wild

Dingus is an infamous figure in the town of Exmouth, WA, originally hailing from the land of stars and stripes, This tv host, come underwater film maker, come award winning outdoor tv producer, come adventure journalist, is now the host of the prime time trailer park, adventure talk show Dingus vs Wild. Though his media channels and connections Dingus has supported DOTD in the local region, pouring his time and effort into fundraising and spreading our message. Cheers Dingaling

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