Our Initiatives

Although we have witness gender inequalities all over the world, our initial fundraising efforts will focus on assisting young women in developing areas of the world where access to scuba and marine education is often limited to a greater extent by financial constraints and social injustice. Young women are often the first to suffer from lack of education and career options as family finances disproportionally favour the support of male counterparts. Social protocols also tend dictate how these young women spend their free time and deem certain activities to be ‘un-lady-like’ or ‘just for men’. Enough is enough for the Daughters of the Deep as we intend to show the the oceans favour no gender.

Our places of work will include, but not be limited to Nicaragua, Thailand, Madagascar, Melanesia and Indonesia. We also intend to support and showcase women in science and diving in our immediate locations of Australia, the Azores, Canada, Spain and the USA as well as other as our network grows.

In these locations we already have connections with dive shop owners and scientific training institutions like Conservation Diver. We will leverage these relationships in order to get the lowest cost dive courses in order to spread the funds further. These dive centres are recognised as partners of Daughters of the Deep and recognised accordingly in our marketing and publications.

The funds raised will support women in the following ways:

  • Fund dive qualifications (PADI) for young women wanting to experience SCUBA and the depths of the ocean
  • Provide marine science training in Conservation Diver courses, to give women the opportunity to gain a practical understanding of scientific diving and marine research
  • Provide assistance to women who wish to gain higher education qualifications in marine sciences
  • Provide research grants to women in science
  • Provide funding for vocational training in marine careers including commercial diving roles, boat captaincy and other licences

Daughters of the Deep is committed to helping women gain access to fundamental rights of education, experience and training. We will then work with this Daughters to create opportunities of employment, rebalancing the labour force and ensuring equal access to professional and academic pursuits.

If you believe in our mission and want to make a difference today please donate

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