Daughters of the Deep is providing financial and educational support to young girls in Niue who express an interest in marine conservation by training and equipping them with the expertise to gain employment in the whale research and observation industry on the island through our partners at Niue Blue.

Our Daughters will be learning how to identify different whale species from land and sea, how to record data and take photo identification, learn about different whale behaviours and culture, how to process data, correct approach and in-water protocols with cetaceans. With the support of Oma Tafua, our Daughters will also learn about the current research and conservation efforts in the region, the cultural importance of cetaceans within their indigenous community and be informed on Pacific Ocean Diplomacy Literacy..

For many our initiative will simply connect them more to the ocean and enrich their understanding of the oceans around them and the need to protect it, but for some with special interest, the long term goal will be to enable them to complete an internship at Niue Blue in order to harness skills and learn how to be tour guide with the aim to find them employment upon completion. Those who have more interest in the research side of things will be supported to continue their studies and collect data in partnership with Oma Tafua. The Day Skipper/VHF Course can be offered to any girl that stays on and shows real enthusiasm.

This initiative has been fully funded by Hero Round Table. We can ‘t thank them enough for their support in allowing us to implement such an impactful program of work.

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