The Sea Women of Melanesia (Papua New Guinea and the Solomon Islands) train local women to monitor and assess the impacts of widespread coral bleaching on some of the world’s most endangered reefs using marine science and technology.

Daughters of the Deep has partnered with the Sea Women of Melanesia to expand the capacity of the SWoM program by providing financial support for training more women at the Kimbe regional office, which is adjacent to the ultra-high biodiversity reefs of Stetin Bay on the Bismarck Sea.

The women to be trained under this initiative are from coastal communities that have nominated reefs for marine reserves with the support of SWoM and the Coral Sea Foundation, and these women will play an important role in driving community support for the no-fishing areas.

This program is enabling female inclusion in the management of natural resources which affect 100% of people within their communitites.

Including women across industries, especially in environmental and management roles is correlated to more equitable and environmentally sustainable outcomes, which better our planet for future generations.

Meet Junerose, Akua, Domithila Chare, Ruth Turia and Hendrica Kuila the newest trainees in the Kimbe region of Melanesia who have completed the first of their training with our partners at SWoM. With the funds raised by Daughters of the Deep these women are being trained to monitor and help their communities set up their marine reserves in Kimbe Bay

Sea Women of Melanesia are an incredible organisation dedicated to training local women in reef ecology and monitoring, instilling a sense of stewardship within the local communities. We are so pleased that we have been able to partner with them to facilitate more women being provided with these opportunities!

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