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Creating Equality.

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After moving to Indonesia in 2013 and falling in love with the local people and environment, Rosie became the first PADI Course Director on Nusa Penida, running Instructor Development Courses, providing a stress-free IDC training!

After falling in love with diving in her earlier years, Rosie has come to understand that SCUBA professionals are the window to introducing new divers to the ocean in a way with advocates for sustainability and responsible use. She has been fortunate to work with the Blue Corner Marine Research program, founded by Andrew Taylor and has various strategies to improve coral settlement, encourage diversity and reduce erosion and sedimentation rates on the local reefs.

Rosie’s career quickly became one which many aspired to have, and during her work she has become a mentor to many women. In fact, during the course of her career so far, she has been scheming to make this industry not only more accessible to women, but to local women who face social or economic barriers to becoming involved. Through Rosies initiatives, born from of the concept of PADI Women’s Day (and the idea that every day should be PADI Womens day), she developed a program to engage local female divers into the industry.

She achieved this by creating a scholarship program for local women to apply for. The program is available to three women per year, and the final applicants are trained up to Dive Master level, and spend 6 months of participating with the Blue Corner Marine Research program to gain experience in marine research and conservation. Additionally, they have the opportunity to learn the essential ‘back of house’ skills, including customer service, accounting, and dive management. The end result is that each year, three additional local women have obtained the skills and experience to apply their new-found knowledge and experience elsewhere in Indonesia. The scholarship program has become a hit locally, and each year, Rosie and her team are receiving more and more applications!

Rosie perceives the dive community as a beautiful and fun group of people who have a particular interest in our worlds environments. She believes that by providing people with an avenue to appreciate the beauty of the ocean helps instil a desire to protect it within our society.

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