Media Team

Our media team are an outstanding group of talented individuals who have offered up their time and talent to bring DOTD to the masses in the most beautiful and artistic way. To all of them, we say THANK YOU for helping us create this charity.

Jennifer Lucas

Jennifer is the creative behind the Daughters of the Deep club insignia and played a vital role in our initial branding. Having grown up in rural Ohio, Jennifer’s love for the ocean came later on in life after living on a remote island in Nicaragua where she loved nothing more than following the fish on reef. Jennifer now lives on the Azores surrounded by the blue of the Atlantic.

Michel “Goff” Strogoff

Goff is a Malagasy conservation and wildlife photographer and filmmaker who has worked with a wide range of clients including BBC, Vice, the Durrell Conservation Trust and the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Goff grew up as a member of the semi-nomadic fishing people known as the Vezo, but in 2009 he started on a new path, working with the NGO Blue Ventures, to try and help empower local communities to improve the management of their marine resources.  After working with Chris Scarffe in 2014, he joined MFP (Madagascar Film & Photography) where he has become an accomplished camera operator and photographer.

Chris Scarffe

Chris has over 15 years experience, as a filmmaker, photographer and writer for a wide range of clients including WWF, BBC, Vice, Save Our Seas and PBS. He specialises in environmental and wildlife conservation projects in remote parts of the world where he is able to immerse himself within the communities and capture rare and unique footage. Chris’ joined the DOTD to help us produce powerful and engaging media that encapsulates the issues facing many girls worldwide to secure the right to an education. Click here to see his wider portfolio of work.

Andrea Ferrari

Andrea is an Italian scuba diving instructor trainer, photographer and videomaker with a special interest in environmental and wildlife conservation. Andrea grew up in a diving center in Southern Italy and this gave him the opportunity to start diving and understanding the importance of conservation already at young age. This background brought Andrea to work in places like the Red Sea, Maldives, the Mediterranean Sea and Madagascar, gaining a great diving experience. Now based in Nosy Sakatia, Madagascar, he is putting all his efforts in a project for sea turtles’ conservation and helping the local community in creating a locally managed marine protected area around Sakatia. You can check out his amazing work here

Elisabeth Lauwerys

Experienced Dive & Freedive Instructor Elisabeth has long been passionate about exploring the marine depths with her camera. In 2004, she opened Oceans Below Underwater Video Productions on Koh Tao. Since then, she has created the dive industry’s first professional-level video training course; won numerous underwater video and photo competitions; worked with the BBC and other production houses; trained a number of industry professionals in the art of underwater video; and documents continuously the amazing underwater world with a camera

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