Our flagship initiative is in Madagascar. For the young women of the region, deeply rooted traditions regarding masculinity and femininity present many obstacles and hardships.

Women are framed as inferior, and are largely expected to live to fulfil reproductive and household obligations, losing their rights to make decisions about their careers, sexual activity, finances, or children to their husband upon marriage. In many areas, young women are viewed as the family’s saviour, their main responsibility is to find a wealthy older man—usually a foreigner—to marry, so they can provide for the entire family. Such expectations are often imposed from a very early age, driving gender-based violence, the early dropout of girls from school, and underage marriage. 13% are married before the age of 15.

Meet Marie-Jeanne. Abandon as a young girl, MJ lives with her grandfather, a sick man who is unable to support her to continue education. Daughters of the Deep is giving MJ her rights to an education back, allowing her to decide what she wants to do with her future.

Outside of marriage, a woman has little opportunity to provide for herself or fulfil her career goals, as she faces glass ceilings, lower pay, and even exclusion from the workforce.

Daughters of the Deep is taking a stand against these issues, and has joined forces with the Madagascar Research and Conservation Institute in a bid to provide education security for girls in the local region who would otherwise not have the financial means to attend school. 

Meet Flaria. A young women who, despite social barriers in her life, has high aspirations to attend university to study marine biology and contribute to projects at MRCI. We are supporting Flaria achieve her diploma by funding her tuition fees, providing living and food stipends as well as school supplies and a laptop for research and schoolwork

As part of our scholarships, mainstream schooling for these young girls will be further supplemented by private English lessons to improve social mobility and employment options, environmental education to inspire a new generation of conservationists as well as PADI Open Water certifications in order to introduce these young women to the wonders of the ocean and the need to protect them. We hope to help the next generation of seafaring women to achieve the basic level of education required to reach their own goals in life and to inspire and open their eyes to careers within marine industries

Meet Olivian. Financially dependant on her boyfriend and with social and economic barriers making further education unfeasible, her future wasn’t looking good. However due to her own drive and passion for environmentalism we were able to create a paid internship for her at MRCI where she will receive conservation education, scuba training in order to become a Sea Turtle Hatchery manager and support Seagrass Monitoring efforts.

By donating to Daughters of the Deep you can ensure they get the education required to pull themselves out of poverty, support them in gaining higher education and vocational training to realise their ambitions and open their eyes to the world of ocean conservation.

For too long our daughters have been left deep in the darkness, encased by the pressures of society. It’s time to rise up from these abyssal depths, take to the sea and show the world who we are… Daughters of the Deep.

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