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Marketing Manager


DOTD is looking for a passionate individual to help us drive our digital marketing presence and help develop our brand into a world recognised symbol for ocean equality. As with all roles within DOTD the remuneration package is purely soul satisfaction. To this end, hours can be flexible and we expect peaks and troughs in efforts as you work this role into other requirements of life.


  • Develop with the board and implement marketing strategy for DOTD
  • Liaise with worldwide initiatives to manage our media
  • Manage multiple media channels and liaise with stakeholders to create content
  • Develop branding guidelines for DOTD
  • Innovate new marketing ideas and develop partnerships with other brands and like minded organisations
  • Support worldwide fundraising initiatives
  • Develop insight and market research into current trends


Ideally we are looking for someone with knowledge of digital marketing strategy and social media management experience. Otherwise we are great believers in the university of life and are looking for an individual who expresses a desire to learn and dedication to our cause.


Please send your CV and cover email to

Regional Management – All regions

We are looking for regional management across all regions of the world. This role will be unpaid and we are only able to cover out of pocket expenses to support the activities involved. We intend to put 100% of profits towards our initiatives and so all of us understand that in the short/medium term, compensation for our time will be found in achieving the goal of closing the gender gap, so often seen in marine fields. We believe that this campaign will be a success and will  grow to a size that, in the future, may require paid roles to ensure the quality operation of the non-profit. At this time Regional Managers will be given the right of first refusal and be given voting rights to select proposed individuals.

In basic terms we are looking for dedicated individuals like ourselves. In reference to the matter of time commitments for Regional Managers, we don’t really have an answer, simply because the more we can put in, the more success we will have. Therefore, it is more important to us to find the right people, rather than just filling roles in as many different locations as we can. At a minimum the role will require some daily tasks (replying to emails and other admin)  and a monthly commitment, to host an event or raise awareness, but really we are looking for you to be the face, the name and the goddamn spirit of DOTD wherever you are. If your DOTD tee isn’t in your backpack to seamlessly slip on like a superwoman suit, then you need to up your game :). We want you talking and engaging with your community and for them to hear the passion in your voice.


  • Research and pursue local fundraising leads
  • Work with local businesses to promote the brand and sell merchandise
  • Lead media, PR and marketing initiatives in your locality
  • Manage the ordering, storage, distribution and sale of merchandise
  • Find local initiatives to assign funds towards 
  • Align yourself with local partners and support other organisations with a similar mission.
  • Ensure adherence to local laws and regulations.


Please send your CV and cover email to

If you feel that you have other skills, knowledge, expertise or the time to help Daughters of the Deep in any other ways please get in touch with us at

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