Welcome to our blog, fellow ocean goers! Here you can feast your eyes on our initiative updates, learn about the issues of gender inequality in ocean spaces, and read stories highlighting the incredible women across the ocean industry sectors.

Meet Ting, and read her story here.

Ting is a tec diver and SCUBA instructor in a male dominated industry, yet carries empathy, compassion and a killer work ethic with her throughout!

Meet Dani, and read her story here.

Dani is a driven scientist, diver, traveller and mother. Not for a second during her journey did she let her journey into motherhood affect her work, leading her research dives to be scheduled between breastfeeding, read more at the link above!

Meet Katy, and read her story here.

‘Katy is a woman with motivation, a strong work ethic, and a lot of grit. She spent 12 years working on vessels and rigs at sea and spent 10 of those years being the only female aboard…’

Meet Rosie, and read her story here.

Rosie’s career is one which we all aspire to, after becomming the first PADI Course Director on Nusa Penida, she created a schoarship for local women who faced social and economic barriers… Read more!

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