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Our mission is to give young women who have a passion for the ocean the confidence and opportunity to try scuba diving, master the sciences, captain ships and become the lead voices in the fight to save our seas. Every time they hit the water, we want them to feel empowered to achieve what they want out of life.


Elouise (Elle) Haskin

Elle is a Director and Master Instructor at Conservation Diver. She is a PADI Dive Master with over 1,000 hours of logged dives and has worked in research and conservation before beginning her postgraduate studies in Australia, graduating in 2022. She now works in conservation, managing marine species conseravation projects.

After years in the industry, Elle has felt some of the difficulties women face in the professional diving realm, but more importantly, she notices the difference in opportunity for women within the developing communities she has worked in. Her passion is to contribute to environmental conservation and global sustainability for future generations, and whole-heartedly believes that we cannot achieve sustainability before first achieving equality.

George Bevan

George is a Director and Master Instructor at Conservation Diver and operates two marine conservation programs (Nicaragua & Azores). He is also a PADI MSDT and has been working in marine conservation for 7 years.

Whilst working across Central America and Asia, George has witnessed the disparities that exist between males and females trying to get into careers in diving. After teaching local women in the different regions and seeing the response of many others to this ‘crazy notion’, he decided he wanted to be part of a movement which showed communities that women have as much of a right under the water as men do.

George firmly believes gender equality is an issue for both sexes and so he and other men need to take action to repair the imbalance.

Kate Parker

Kate is a qualified Dive Master and passionate diver, having been lucky enough to have dived in many locations around the world. This experienced opened her eyes to both the beauty in the oceans but also the extent to which human life has damaged our planet and the necessity to fight for the protection of our seas. This inspired Kate to join Sea Shepherd and she regularly crews offshore defending marine environments. Kate also runs the Sea Shepherd Dive program in Australia/NZ with a goal to drive industry standards up to a more environmentally focused level.

Having seen first hand the under representation of women in many popular dive locations globally, Kate is honoured and excited to be part of a movement that combines both her core values regarding equal rights for women, and her passion in conservation diving.

Gigi Torras

Gigi’s life and passion is the sea. After moving to Australia, where Gigi completed a Masters Degree in Marine Biology, she got more involved with marine research projects, ranging from shark tagging, to coral reef surveys, fish surveys, coral spawning, between others. She has worked as a Safety Diver in Australia for HUET (Helicopter Underwater Escape Training), as a dive instructor on a Liveaboard across the Great Barrier Reef for 2 years and in Koh Lanta (Thailand) for two seasons. Now Gigi owns her own Dive Center on the Eastern Coast of Mallorca.

Having experienced so many cultures and aspects of marine research and the diving industry, she believes it is time women realise that, whatever they dream of, it is possible; that there is a spot for them in the diving and marine conservation world. But most importantly, she believes that through this Project we will be opening the doors for a whole new generation

Make a difference today and help the Daughters of the Deep achieve its mission.

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