Dig Deep. Donate Today

We are an international charity and community of passionate individuals – rising up against the socioeconomic barriers that restrict access to the education and practical experience needed for women to enter into marine careers.

Our mission is to give young women who have a passion for the ocean the confidence and opportunity to try scuba diving, master the sciences, captain ships and become the lead voices in the fight to save our seas. Every time they hit the water, we want them to feel empowered to achieve what they want out of life.

What we do

Our funds will be used to support an array of initiatives that support women worldwide to in marine careers. We will launch these in threes stages based on ease of implementation and reliance of increased funding

Stage 1

Sponsor young women in developing nations to complete scuba certifications

Provide practical training in marine conservation and scientific diving

Deliver local education and empowerment seminars

Stage 2

Provide grants to scientific research proposals

Support other locally-lead initiatives that empower women and provide career opportunities

Stage 3

Provide higher education grants for aspiring marine scientists

Provide funding for commercial diving and other marine career training

How You Can Help

Through our partners Conservation Diver we are able to accept donations via the Network for Good Platform. 100% of donations go towards Daughters of the Deep initiatives. Please give what you can and follow your donation via our social media posts.

Purchase our merchandise

Wearing our club insignia makes you part of a strong group of women divers who are rising up against the social shackles that exclude other women from diving and following careers in marine research and conservation. All our clothing is ethically produced.

Become a Sister of the Sea

We want to showcase to the world the hardcore women of the ocean and create powerful role models for our younger generations. Our sisters fully embody this image and act as ambassadors for the DOTD movement.

Are you creating impact in a community? or working in marine science? or having amazing diving adventures?

Then get in touch and help bring to the surface the issues facing women entering the world of scuba and marine sciences.

What the Daughters say

Having seen firsthand the under representation of women in many popular dive locations globally, I’m honoured and excited to be part of a movement that combines both equal rights for women, and conservation diving

Kate Parker

Its time for the female diving community to to find charitable solutions to the root cause of the opportunity imbalance for women in diving, over and above awareness building and brand development

Elle Haskin

Daughters of the Deep is a registered Australian Company 652 600 783 operating as a non-profit

Further applications have been submitted for recognition of our charitable status in the UK, Spain and Canada. For any updates on this application please contact us on info@daughtersofthedeep.org. Any business conducted in the United States is in association with the Conservation Diver Foundation 501(c)(3)